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Bert Raccoon
Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Evergreen. Her mission. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new lifeforms, new civalizations and new sources of peanut butter. To boldly go where no one has gone before.
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Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Evergreen. Her mission. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new lifeforms, new civalizations and new sources of peanut butter. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Bert Raccoon by JDayton

USS Evergreen by JDayton


  • Biography

    Bert was a 23rd century male raccoon Starfleet Captain and commanding officer of the USS Evergreen. His parents are Bob and Dottie Raccoon. He also has a younger brother named Dennis.


  • Early Life

    Bert was born in 2262 in the Evergreen Forest of British Columbia, Canada. Ever since he was a kid he dreamed of exploring space and being like his hero James Tiberius Kirk. He spent many clear nights staring at the stars and imagining all the exploring there was to do.

    He enjoys baseball, football, hockey, fishing, swimming and exploring the forest. He took an interest in music at age 13 and learned to play a guitar. His favorite music is rock and roll. He and his friends formed a band and still play together once in a while.

    He applied for the academy at age 15, but failed the entry exam. He thought he'd never make it, but his father in law, Admiral George Raccoon told him about how he failed the first time he took the exam and told Bert not to give up and try again. Bert tried again the following year and succeeded. His parents were proud. He took the 5 year officer training course and served on the USS Donald. He was promoted to Ensign during his training and graduated with the rank of Lieutenant. It wasn't easy, but he stuck to it. He felt frustrated about failing the Kobyashi Maru test, but was told no one passes the test. He argued Kirk did, but was informed Kirk cheated and was told it's a test of character and a no win scenario is a challenge every commander must face. After graduation in 2283, he and his friends spent a year training on the USS Hawking. He often took command of the night shift and was assigned to Science station. During the second year on the Hawking, the ship was attacked by an unknown alien vessel, later determined to be Romulan, that was testing a new cloaking device and violated Federation Space. The captain and commanding officers were injured and unable to perform their duties as the Romulans caught them by surprise and attacked while the shields were down. Bert took command and assigned his fellow Lieutenants to their stations. Schaeffer was able restore the shields and warp drive and through a suggestion from Cedric Sneer, they used the phasers to locate the cloaked ship and disable it's weapons and propulsion, since a cloaked ship can't fire it's weapons or raise it's shields. The Romulan crew was held for trial and later returned to Romulas. Star Fleet looked upon Bert and his officers actions so favorably for preventing a war that Bert was promoted to Captain and his officers were promoted to Commander and Lieutenant Commander. The Hawking was in need of refit and Bert was transferred to a another ship. The USS Evergreen. She was a brand new design and Bert was given the option to choose a name. He and his officers settled on Evergreen, in honor of the Evergreen Forest, where they grew up. Bert holds the record for one of the youngest captains in Starfleet history.


  • Later Starfleet Career


    After a year exploring the Alpha Quadrant, Bert became depressed, after he found out Kirk and his officers disobeyed orders by stealing the USS Enterprise and heading for the Genesis Planet. Bert couldn't believe his hero would do such a thing and destroy his career. 3 months later in 2286, the Evergreen was ordered to Vulcan to escort Kirk and crew home. Kirk had set the Enterprise for self destruct over the dying Genesis Planet. Kirk and crew had agreed to return to Earth aboard a captured Klingon Bird of Prey they named H.M.S Bounty. Bert didn't even want to look at Kirk. During the return voyage a lot of distress calls came through and the President of the Federation sent a message from Earth that a massive alien ship was orbiting Earth, evaporating the oceans and destroying the atmosphere, while directing a mysterious signal to the oceans. Kirk's first officer Spock was able to match it's ever strengthening signal to be the songs sung by Humpback Whales, which had gone extinct in the 21st century, due to over hunting and pollution. Kirk decided to travel backwards in time and Bert decided that despite his disappointment, he would follow Kirk into the past, as they'd need all the help they could get to solve this crisis. Upon arrival in the year 1986, 300 years in the past, they quickly located 2 Humpback Whales in San Francisco. While investigating Bert and Cedric were assigned work with Kirk and Spock. Kirk sold his reading glasses he received as a birthday present form Dr. McCoy and Bert sold an old pocket watch he found in the forest when he was a kid. They explored the streets of San Francisco and later found the whale song was coming from the Cetacean Institute across the bay in Sausolito, where 2 Humpback Whales named George and Gracie were kept in captivity. Bert began to get to know Kirk and slowly regain his respect for him.

    Upon arrival they met a whale biologist named Dr. Gillian Taylor, who gave them a tour of the Institute and showed them George and Gracie. They agreed these 2 whales would be perfect. It wouldn't be a problem, since the institute was planning to release the whales back into the wild, due to a lack of funding to keep the whales fed. Spock performed a mind meld on the whales and explained the situation. He also found out Gracie was pregnant. The whales agreed to help, despite being unhappy with the way their species had been treated by humanity. Gillian was upset with Spock for intruding in the whale tank and ordered the 4 men to leave. 

    Gillian later spotted them walking back to San Francisco, since they didn't want to spend what little money they had left at the moment. After Spock mentioned Gracie was pregnant, Gillian demanded to know how they knew. Kirk told her they could help the whales and prevent them from being hunted once they were released. After suggesting they go out for dinner, which Gillian gladly accepted and they went to her favorite pizza restaurant, Bert and Cedric contacted their wives Lisa and Sophia and invited them to come. Spock returned to the Bounty, since he doesn't care for Italian food.

    The meal was cut short however when Gillian mentioned the whales were to be flown to Alaska at noon the next day and they hurried back to the Bounty. Bert, along with Cedric, Sophia and Lisa, beamed back to the Evergreen and discussed what to do. The whale tank would be finished by morning, but the Evergreen's power was low and Schaeffer was still working on restoring it for the return trip. Bert sent an engineering team to help with the tank.

    The next morning, with power restored and the tank almost complete, a message was sent from the Bounty, that the whales had been flown to Alaska the night before and released. The Bounty was ready to retrieve them, but had to delay when Kirk's Navigator, Commander Pavel Chekov had been arrested abored a US Navy Aircraft Carrier the USS Enterprise, while collecting high energy photons from it's reactor to restore the Bounty's power. Chekov had been held as a Soviet spy, due to his name and Russian accent and while trying to escape, had fallen and suffered a serious head injury. Bert and Cedric decided to beam down to assist Kirk, McCoy and Gillian in rescuing Chekov from Mercy Hospital. They succeeded and beamed out while in the elevator. The Bounty took off and tracked the whales to the Pacific. They decloaked to scare off a group of whalers that tried to kill the whales. With the whales in the tank, the Bounty and Evergreen left orbit and successfully returned to 2286. The whales communicated with the alien craft and it left the Sol System. With Earth restored to normal, they headed to Starfleet headquarters where Kirk and his officers, except Spock, were to face trial. The president dismissed all charges, except disobeying orders. Kirk was demoted to captain and given command of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A. Bert and his crew congratulated them on a fine new ship and told Kirk it had been an honor serving with them. The ships parted ways to continue their mission of exploration. Bert was his old self again and learned that sometimes disobeying orders may be necessary. He also realized there's more to being a captain than following every order given. He also realized Starfleet prefers officers that are original and resourceful thinkers, rather than those that blindly follow orders as this can often lead to disaster.

  • Personal Relationships

    Cedric Sneer is one Bert's childhood friends and his best friend. They enjoyed exploring the forest together and often showed similar interests in exploring space. They were separated for a year, when Cedric also took the entry exam at age 15 and passed. Cedric often helped Bert with his studies and majored in Science. They often played sports and went fishing as kids and continue to do so when they get shore leave. They served together on the Hawking and Cedric helped Bert learn command skills during their time on the ship. This helped Bert in taking command of the Hawking when it was attacked and Cedric suggested using the phasers to locate and disable the cloaked Romulan ship that attacked them. Bert helped Cedric become more confident over the years and Cedric learned more leadership skills, so Bert made him his first officer and Science officer. He also encouraged Cedric to propose to Sophia Tutu and requested she serve as navigator on the Evergreen, so she and Cedric could be together.

    Ralph is another of Bert's childhood friends. They often went fishing and played ball together. Despite that Ralph is afraid of flying, he showed a fascination for aircraft. Ralph majored in piloting at the academy and Bert requested that he be Helmsman on the Evergreen. Ralph likes to makes jokes about Bert during mealtimes and shore leaves. Bert usually rolls his eyes at Ralph's jokes, while others think he's funny, but knows that Ralph makes the worst jokes. Bert also made sure Ralph's wife Melissa served on the Evergreen, as she and Ralph married after graduating the academy and could stay together. Bert is hopeful they'll have a kid.

    Melissa is one of Bert's childhood friends. She shares a maternal relationship with Bert, as she's kind of a mother to him. They often fished and played sports together as Melissa is rather tomboyish. She often provides council for Bert and their other friends. Bert wasn't surprised she majored in psychology at the academy and he requester her to serve on the Evergreen, so she could be with her husband Ralph and also serve as councilor on the Evergreen. The idea of a councilor was still a new idea at the time, as it was usually provided by the chief medical officer. Starfleet realized a separate councilor would help and Melissa was one of the first in the fleet. She was unable to cheer Bert up during his depression in 2286, but he later got through it after getting to personally know James Tiberius Kirk. She was happy Bert had learned some new lessons during his time with the former admiral and was back to his old self.

    Sophia Tutu/Sneer has always been a good friend to Bert. They met at the academy and Bert introduced her to Cedric. She majored in Navigation and often has her at the conn when he and Cedric are on away missions. She's athletic and tomboyish like Melissa. She and Bert sometimes go jogging in the Recreation Room. Bert also hopes she and Cedric have a kid soon.

    Lisa Raccoon is one of Bert's childhood friends. Bert has had a crush on her since they met. They spent little time together as kids, since Lisa spent most of her childhood on the USS Edwards, when her father George was a captain. They usually only saw each other when George was on shore leave. They kept in touch by letter and sometimes through messages. Bert was always shy around her and it didn't take his other friends long to realize he had feelings for her. They finally spent more time together at the academy and Bert finally worked up the courage to ask her out. She accepted and after he few dates, he got his first kiss from her. Lisa majored in Xenolinguistics. She also played for the basketball team. They were separated again 2 years later when Bert graduated. After she graduated, Bert proposed and she gladly accepted. He also convinced Starfleet to let her serve on the Evergreen as communications officer. They enjoy candlelight dinners and often play half court and jog in the Recreation room. She can sing and joined the band as the lead singer. Although growing up on the Edwards was hard, she still made some friends with the few kids on the ship. A few months after returning from 1986, Lisa discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to their daughter Cindy 9 months later. 

    Schaeffer is a good friend of Bert's who he met at the academy. Schaeffer majored in engineering and served under George, before George was promoted to admiral. George had Schaeffer transferred to the Evergreen, as he wanted a good engineer to maintain the ship his daughter, son in law and granddaughter were serving on. Bert often talks to Schaeffer when he needs someone to talk too and Schaeffer is always prepared to listen and help in any way he can. Bert sometimes wonders why Schaeffer didn't become a councilor, but knows Schaeffer can fix any problem with the Evergreen. Schaeffer sometimes helps in the galley, as he has a knack for cooking.

    Dr. Canard is Bert's chief medical officer, who also grew up in the Evergreen Forest. Bert met him a few times as a kid when he took shore leave.

    Nurse Peck is a good friend of Bert's, who he met at the academy. She majored in medicine and hopes to become a chief medical officer someday. Bert expects her to achieve her goal and possibly replace Dr. Canard when the time comes. She speaks with an Irish accent.

    M'Ress is a commander who served on the USS Enterprise, during the last 2 years of Kirk's historic 5 year mission. She was transferred to the Evergreen and was assigned to tactical. She misses her time on the Enterprise, but is getting adjusted to life on the Evergreen. Bert is glad to have her at tactical and chief of security. She sometimes substitutes as communications for Lisa, like she did on the Enterprise. Bert expects she'll be promoted to Captain and get her own ship soon.

    Cindy Raccoon is Bert and Lisa's daughter, who is confined to a wheelchair. She loves her parents dearly and enjoys basketball like her mother. Bert takes her fishing during shore leave. She was diagnosed with the rare and incurable Iverson's Disease as a toddler and the doctors speculate she'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She doesn't many friends and doesn't get to see her grandparents very much, but is happy growing up on the Evergreen. She is one reason Bert hopes Ralph and Melissa, along with Cedric and Sophia will have kids soon, so she'll have someone to play with.

    George Raccoon. Bert first met George as a kid, when George was the captain of the Edwards and came to the forest to visit during shore leave. Bert has a good relationship with him and is grateful that his kids have Bert for a friend and makes them happy. George is glad to be an admiral and living on Earth, so his son Bentley can have a more normal life. He feels bad that Lisa didn't grow up on Earth, but Lisa has assured him she's not upset.

    Nicole Raccoon is George's wife. She is rather fond of Bert and has always thought of him like a son. She was transporter chief on the Edwards and has since retired. She too is grateful that her kids have a friend like Bert. She speaks with a French accent.

    Bentley Raccoon idolizes Bert and looks up to him like a big brother. He hopes to enter the academy someday. He is in his teens and is not old enough to go into the academy yet. Bert goes fishing and plays Baseball with him during shore leave. They keep in touch by letter and messages. Bert hopes to have him on the Evergreen when he graduates. Bentley is glad to be living in the forest, but misses being in space and not having much time to be with Bert.





HMHS Britannic
100 years ago last November, RMS Titanic's sister was lost. She sank in the Kea Channel off the Greek Island of Kea on November 21st 1916 during her sixth voyage. Originally built by White Star Line as a passenger liner, like her 2 sisters before her RMS Olympic and Titanic, she was delayed in her launch and returned to Belfast for a refit and redesign in accordance with new Maritime Safety Laws that were written after the loss of Titanic. These included 2 radios (operating 24 hours a day), enough life boats for her maximum passenger capacity, (in this case 40 that could hold 75 people each. More than enough for her maximum capacity), an increase of 2 feet in width to allow for a double hull, 6 of her 15 water tight bulkheads raised to B Deck, an 18,000 hp turbine, upgraded from 16,000 on her sisters, to compensate for the double hull and regular evacuation drills were held for the passengers and crew.

By the time she was ready for service in 1915, World War 1 had started and she was converted to a hospital ship. White Star Line was not going to make any money selling tickets for North Atlantic crossings and decided to press her into military service. Sadly during her sixth voyage to pick up wounded troops fighting the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East she suffered an explosion on her starboard side. To this day they still don't know what caused it. The most likely cause was a naval mine, as the German Navy had mined the Kea Channel. The other cause may have been she was torpedoed by a German U-boat. After the explosion and examination of the damage the crew found 2 of her compartments breached and some of the watertight doors jammed, due to warping. The ship could've been saved, but she sank in 55 minutes, because other watertight doors in boiler room 6 failed to close for an unknown reason and many port holes on the lower decks were left opened to ventilate the wards and were already under water due to listing. Once the crew realized she was sinking, Captain Bartlett gave the order to abandon ship. Like on Titanic, not all of her lifeboats were filled and many were not launched, but that didn't matter as there were only 1,065 people on board and everyone was put into a lifeboat. 30 perished however, due to Captain Bartlett ordering the ship to make course for Kea Island, in an attempt to beach the ship, rather than let her sink. Unfortunately, because she was sinking bow first, her spinning propellers rose out of the water and chopped up 2 of the lifeboats killing those 30. Also because those 2 lifeboats were lowered into the water before Bartlett gave the order to abandon ship. Captain Bartlett then ordered the engines stopped and the last of the crew to abandon ship. She sank in only 400 feet of water and was already touching the bottom before going under. She came to rest on her starboard side. To this day the cause of the explosion and the reason for the watertight doors failing to close is still unknown. The Greek government doesn't like anyone exploring the wreck for whatever reason. Britannic currently holds 2 records. The biggest ship lost in World War 1 and the biggest passenger ship ever sunk.

In January of 2000 a movie was released. It stars John Rhys-Davies as Captain Bartlett, the same guy who played Gimli the dwarf on The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. He also voiced Cassim on Aladdin and the King of Thieves.  To the 30 lost in the sinking, may they rest in peace.
RMS Titanic
It was 105 years ago this month that the great ship sank. I read some things about the sinking that I was never taught in High School, when I read the book A Night To Remember. Many of those facts include that 1912 was a bad year for ice and because the moon had come closer to Earth then it had in 1800 years, it caused tectonic shifts in the Arctic. The winter of 1911-1912 was also a mild one and caused twice as much ice as usual to break off and drift into the North Atlantic. Another fact was Titanic did receive ice warnings and Captain Smith ordered a more southerly course. He didn't order to slow down though as they thought they would be clear of the ice. The problem was that ice was further south than usual and it took hours for other ships in the area to figure out how big the ice field really was. By the time Californian sent the last ice warning to Titanic, the radio operator was taking down messages for the passengers from Cape Race, Newfoundland and didn't receive Californian's warning. He just answered Shut up. Shut up. I am working Cape Race. Californian's radio operator assumed Titanic received the message and went to bed. Had he stayed at his post half an hour longer, Titanic may have been saved. Later after Titanic struck the ice berg and signaled for help, Carpathia was the only one who responded. Californian was nearby and only half and hour away, but wasn't receiving the SOSs. Officers on Californian could see Titanic and her flares, but assumed she was signaling one of her company ships. They noted she was sitting at an odd angle, but thought she was moving away. It wasn't until they spotted Carpathia steaming towards her and shooting off flares that they finally got their heads out of their asses and woke up Captain Stanley Lords and the radio operator. They turned the radio back on and realized what was going on. By the time they arrived, most of the survivors had been picked up by Carpathia and the remaining 1500 were dead. Stanley Lords was later convicted for his negligence. People also think Titanic's rudder was too small. Actually no it wasn't. It was a poorly designed tear drop shape, designed a century prior. Not like today's rudders which are rectangular shaped and are much more effective. If Titanic hadn't stopped her engines while trying to avoid the ice berg and maybe even sped up she would've missed it with feet to spare. She also could've struck the ice berg head on which would've breached only 2 compartments. Several would've been injured, but at least she wouldn't have sunk. Another is that she wasn't trying to set a speed record. White Star Line's rival company Cunard Line, had already set speed records with their ships (Mauritania and Lusitania), which were the fastest ships in the world at that time. Capable of 28 knots. They were also powered by steam turbines. Still the most powerful engines in the world today, but were expensive to operate at that time. White Star Line realized they couldn't compete for speed, so instead they used old fashioned steam pistons that weren't as powerful, but consumed less coal and were cheaper to operate. They decided to compete with Cunard Line by building the most luxurious ships in the world. They would rival the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Europe.

The real reason Titanic didn't carry enough life boats for everyone was because at that time it was a standard practice. The laws governing maritime safety were written that way, because there were so many ships crossing the North Atlantic, that they figured there would always be another ship nearby to provide assistance and the life boats were there to shuttle people to the rescue ship. In Titanic's case that would've been true, but it wasn't a standard practice to have the radios operating 24 hours a day. The reason they didn't slow down, or even stop for the night was because it was a standard practice at the time that all ships must make port on time, regardless of weather and ice. Another was that the USA, Canada and Europe finally came together and agreed on laws that still govern maritime safety today. These were that all ships must carry enough life boats for her maximum capacity, have 2 radios. One for passenger messages and the other to receive and send weather and ice warnings, The radios also had to operate 24 hours a day. Ships were also equipped with spot lights to search for obstacles in the dark, since radar was still in development at that time. The sea lanes were also moved further south. There was also a coast guard fleet to patrol and monitor ice and weather in the area and warn all ships. Another was all ships must use the same color flares to signal. Titanic's sister HMHS Britannic was returned to port and her launch was delayed until 1915. She was planned to be even more luxurious than Titanic. Because she underwent a major refit she never saw passenger service and was converted to a hospital ship. 6 of her watertight bulk heads were extended up to B-Deck, she had 40 life boats, (enough to carry more than 3000 people), which were hung on davits that could launch 6 fully loaded boats at a time. They were also designed for up to 75 people each. She had a double hull, which was also separated into watertight compartments and 2 radios. They also did away with women and children first. Since then it's been lifeboats for everybody. Because of her new safety features, only 30 died when she was sunk by either a naval mine, or a torpedo in 1916, during her 6th voyage. The only reason anyone died in the sinking was because they were attempting to beach her rather than let her sink and 2 lifeboats were lowered before Captain Bartlett gave the order to abandon ship, and by the time they realized the spinning propellers were out of the water and they wouldn't be able to beach the ship, it was too late to stop the engines, which chewed up 2 of the life boats and killed those 30 people. 

As sad as it is that Titanic sank, in many ways it's a good thing. Sometimes it takes disasters like this to get society to change it's ways to prevent such disasters from ever happening again. Like I said in this video from James Cameron's film under my user name Bad Drivers of Moose Jaw: Shame the Titanic sank. She was beautiful lady. The only complaint I have about that movie was when Titanic spotted the ice berg she only had 37 seconds to spare. Not 2 minutes. They were able to stop the engines, but no way would they have had enough time to put them in reverse. 
In conclusion I will say to those 1500 who lost their lives on that fateful night, may they rest in peace.
I should have mentioned this months ago, but I've decided that as a thank you to dakethesmip, I'll do what he gave me permission to do in later fanfics. Check our conversation on this fanfic of his.

This is how I'll end my fanfic of my Star Trek/Raccoons crossover. A voice over from Bert will have him saying: "Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Evergreen. Her mission: To explore strange new worlds. To see out new lifeforms, new civilesations and new sources of peanut butter. To boldly go where no one has gone before." Evergreen goes to warp.

A few more thoughts on Phillip and Jaqueline. Phillip grew up on a grape farm, west of Paris, where he and his family distill wine and brandy. He met Jaqueline when his parents let him borrow their car to take a trip to Paris. They later decided to run the farm together after the war, which Jaqueline had some trouble getting used to, since she's a city girl, but realized it's not far from Paris and can still see her family regularly. Still trying to decide which town Phillip is from.

Hope you all like these ideas. Winter's almost over. The longest and coldest I've seen for years. It's April and it's still snowing. Granted it's getting warmer, but Environment Canada mention a Polar Vortex that moved in and caused a cold snap at the end of March and we may be stuck with below freezing temperature until the end of the month. Haven't seen it this cold in April since I was a kid. Hope everyone had good Easter.


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Joel Robert Dayton
I'm and 80's kid. I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. My favourite food is Hawaiian Pizza or ham and pineapple whatever you want to call it. I just got into writing fanfiction and it's become a passion. I do take requests, as I do like hearing new ideas, but only if I think they're good.


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And also for the 'GuncrossKing' fave.
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You're welcome.
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I thank You for the 'Apology' fave.
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I thank You-kindly for the 'Anchor' fave.
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