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Dorian Harewood Voices and Rolls by JDayton Dorian Harewood Voices and Rolls :iconjdayton:JDayton 27 13 Tribute to the late Neil Hope by JDayton Tribute to the late Neil Hope :iconjdayton:JDayton 3 4 Tribute to the late Phil Hartman by JDayton Tribute to the late Phil Hartman :iconjdayton:JDayton 24 18 Barry Bailey by JDayton Barry Bailey :iconjdayton:JDayton 5 4 Maurice LaMarche Voices by JDayton Maurice LaMarche Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 38 18 Vanessa Morley Voices by JDayton Vanessa Morley Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 12 2 Tribute the late Billie Mae Richards by JDayton Tribute the late Billie Mae Richards :iconjdayton:JDayton 19 12 Eric Pospisil Voices by JDayton Eric Pospisil Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 6 2 Myriam Sirois Voices by JDayton Myriam Sirois Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 8 6 Tribute to the late Janis Orenstein by JDayton Tribute to the late Janis Orenstein :iconjdayton:JDayton 9 7 Tim Curry Voices and Roles by JDayton Tim Curry Voices and Roles :iconjdayton:JDayton 35 84 Tribute to the late Elliot Harvey Atkin by JDayton Tribute to the late Elliot Harvey Atkin :iconjdayton:JDayton 30 23 Jess Harnell Voices by JDayton Jess Harnell Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 34 17 Melissa Manchester Voices by JDayton Melissa Manchester Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 9 3 Joey Dedio Voices by JDayton Joey Dedio Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 12 2 Gary Chalk Voices by JDayton Gary Chalk Voices :iconjdayton:JDayton 16 23


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Jim Cummings Voices
Alice In Wonderland: Cheshire Cat
Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM: Dr. Julian Robotinik, Swatbots
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog unaired Pilot Episode: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Scratch
The Lion King: Scar (Singing Voice), Ed
Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers: Fat Cat, Monterey Jack and additonal voices
Talespin: Don Karnage and additional voices
Winnie the Pooh since 1988 and Tigger since 1989
Pete since Goof Troop
Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Bullet
Gummi Bears: Zummi Gummi
The Simpsons: Duncan
Bonkers: Bonkers D. Bobcat, Detective Lucky Piquel and additional voices
Aladdin:Razoul and additional voices
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: Additional voices
Darkwing Duck, Negaduck and additional voices
Tazmanian Devil since Tazmania
Balto: Steele
Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Sly Sludge
The Land Before Time VII The Stone of Cold Fire: Sierra 
The Addams Family: Lurch
Robot Chicken: Misc. Doctors, Lex Luthor and Ark Spirit
Lady and The Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventure: Tony
The Road to El Dorado: Cortes
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Hondo Ohnaka
Star Wars Rebels: Hondo Ohnaka, Terba
Pocahontas: Chief Powhatan, Kekata (singing voices)
Titan A.E.: Chowquin
Batman The Animated Series: Real Jekko, Saunders, Tygrus
Spider Man 1994 series: Man Spider, Chameleon
Spectacular Spider Man: Shocker, Crusher,
Shrek: Captain of the guards
Duck Dodgers: Additional voices

Jim Cummings born November 3/1952 Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Oh man this is the hardest one so far. Making it gave me a headache. I'm aware I left out Animaniacs Pinky and The Brain, Tiny Toon Adventures and many others, but there's far too many to list. Just check Behind The Voice Actors. All I can say is, is there anything this guy hasn't been in. Christ Almighty. Kath Soucie is next and she's going to be just as hard, if not harder. I hope everybody likes this one. It took 2 hours.
Dorian Harewood Voices and Rolls
Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM: Ari the Ram
Biker Mice from Mars: Modo
Animaniacs: Spike Lee and Danny Glover
Pinky and the Brain: Bojangles
Spider Man 1994: Tombstone
The Land Before Time TV Series: Mr. Thicknose and Great Hideous Beast
Gargoyles: Boreas and Talos
Aladdin TV Series: Sootinai
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder for 4 episodes. I don't like Ninja Turtles, but thought I'd throw it in anyway.
Space Jam: Monstar Bupkus
The Spectacular Spider Man: Dr. Bromwell
Batman Beyond: Armory/Jim Tate
The Pagemaster: Jamaican Pirate
Batman The Animated Series: Dan Riley
Sudden Death: Matthew Hallmark

Born August 6/1950 Dayton, Ohio, USA
Tribute to the late Neil Hope
The Kids of Degrassi Street: Robert "Griff" Griffith
Degrassi Junior High:
Degrassi High:              Derek "Wheels" Wheeler 
Degrassi School's Out:
Degrassi The Next Generation:
Degrassi Talks Episode 2 Alcohol: Host

Born September 24/1972 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died November 25/2007 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
Sharon Lewis Voices and Roles
The Raccoons: Sophia Tutu and Broo the puppy

Born 1950 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tribute to the late Phil Hartman
The Simpsons: Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Bill Clinton, Horst, Lyle Lanley, Moses, The Cable Guy, Charlton Heston, Smooth Jimmy Apollo and Tom
SpaceBalls: Dinks
The Pagemaster: Tom Morgan
Tiny Toon Adventures: Octavius
Animaniacs: Dan Anchorman
Dennis the Menace: Henry Mitchell, George Wilson and Ruff
Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode Mind Pollution: Dimitri the Russian Ambassador and TV Reporter
DuckTales episode Scrooge's Pet: Captain Frye
Talespin episode Mach One for the Gipper: Ace London
Darkwing Duck episode Mr. Banana Brain: Paddywhack
Jingle All The Way: Ted Maltin
Small Soldiers: Phil Fimple

Born September 24/1948 Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Died May 28/1998 Encino, Los Angeles, California, USA
Tomorrow's the big day. July 1st. Canada Day. Our country will be 150. Hard to believe it's here already. It'll be some celebration. Too bad I have to miss it. I have to work tomorrow night. What a surprise. I could've got my shifts switched, but whatever. I get double time and half. We elected our first Prime Minister Sir John A. McDonald on July 1st 1867. He appears on our $10 bill. He was leader of the Liberal Party and served for 19 years. The only Prime Minister to serve longer was William Lyon Mackenzie King. He too was leader of the Liberal Party. He was elected in 1921. He served for 21 years and led us through the great depression and World War II. Considered the best Prime Minister. He appears on our $50 bill.

On another note, it's been an interesting year. Sad to lose a few celebrities like Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Bill Paxton. Hopefully we won't lose too many more. We had a reunion at William Grayson School here in Moose Jaw on June 2. Apparently it was in the planning stages since 1992 (Canada's 125th Birthday) It was nice touring the place and seeing all the changes. Saw all my teachers from Grades 1 through 5. Mrs. Dagnal from Kindergarten didn't attend. The reunion was for staff and students that attended in 1992 and she wasn't one of them. Some other changes that have happened since I was in Grade 5 back in 1994. The students that showed us around mentioned the school only has 150 kids now. They were surprised when I told them there was 250 when we going there. There was less than 15 Grade 8 students last year. They don't have their own basketball and volley ball teams anymore. Now several schools have to donate students just to have teams. I guess people just aren't having kids like they used too. Could also be that a lot of people are moving to Sunningdale on the north side of Moose Jaw, near the Trans Canada Highway. The city wasting money on building new neighborhoods, when the population has gone down in recent years, instead of fixing up old neighborhoods, that have needed work for 30 years.

There's a couple of groups I joined recently, if anyone is interested. Cartoon Reviewers and CartoonsAreGreat. I gotten many new watchers. Have a look at these groups. Some neat work. 

I understand the USA will be 241 years old on July 4th. Happy Independence Day to my American watchers. The UK I hear just turned 310 on May 1. I still haven't found out the name of that day, congratulations.

Here's to another 150 for Canada.


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Joel Robert Dayton
I'm and 80's kid. I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. My favourite food is Hawaiian Pizza or ham and pineapple whatever you want to call it. I just got into writing fanfiction and it's become a passion. I do take requests, as I do like hearing new ideas, but only if I think they're good.


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