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Dan Castellaneta Voices
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Born October 29/1957 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Born October 2/1956 Paterson, New Jersey, USA
I was going to keep this a secret, but I've made plans for a George and Nicole story. It's going to be their 20th anniversary and they're celebrating by going on a second honeymoon. GrishamAnimation1 (one of my watchers) was asking for ideas and I came up with this one.

I was chatting with Cheril59 a couple days ago and he told me about a voice over software. He send me the script for The Raccoons and The Lost Star. If no more surprises come up, I'll start my version next week. He had some interesting thoughts about the show. Mostly about Sophia Tutu. He thinks of her as still going to school and figures she's probably in Lisa's class. He's the only person I've talked too so far that's thought of her that way. He and I think of Lisa and Bentley's ages the same way. That they're 8 and 17. 

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long Jenny87, but I'll make myself start writing that Star Trek/Raccoons crossover very soon, as well as that other crossover Broo In Time. One of these times I'll start writing the next chapter of The Story of Bert Raccoon. I don't know what's wrong lately, but I've just lost the ambition to write. It's been affecting more than a few people in recent years I've noticed. Maybe some syndrome that's going around. Who knows.

I've made all the voice actor collages I can make for The Legend of Zelda Cartoon. They're in my file with same name if anyone's interested. They're also in a group based on the cartoon as well. The group was created by someone who calls herself TheTacogirl. It was nice of her to create a group like that. One of my favorite cartoons.

I still have a few more Raccoons voice actor collages to make. That may be a while, since I can't seem to find photos of all the voice actors. A few I made recently are in my file Raccoons Fanfiction if anyone wants to view them.

Once again David31 I hope everything is okay and that things in London will be back to normal soon.

On another note I will be offline for a few days. My new flooring arrived 3 weeks early and I was informed 2 days ago that it will be installed today, so I have to stay in the common room across the hall until at least Saturday. It's been a hectic month and thank goodness it's almost over. I'm sick of all this renovation. It looks nice, but I'm still tired of the noise as I work at night and sleep through the day. The president of our building said the renovations will be finished by April. Thank goodness. That and I turned 34 on March 11, so I'm now the same age as Marge Simpson. 

That's it for now and I hope everyone enjoys my new ideas and is doing well. See you soon.


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Joel Robert Dayton
I'm and 80's kid. I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. My favourite food is Hawaiian Pizza or ham and pineapple whatever you want to call it. I just got into writing fanfiction and it's become a passion. I do take requests, as I do like hearing new ideas, but only if I think they're good.


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